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Flexible Billing Philosophy

Because of our approach to staffing and overall cost-structure, we are able to deliver high-level legal services to our clients on a more cost-effective and responsive basis than most firms of similar caliber.  As a result, our clients receive the individualized attention that they expect at a reasonable price. 

Depending on the engagement and the client's wishes, we structure engagements based on traditional hourly billing, monthly retainers, flat fees, contingency or a blend of these.  With respect to transactional and most litigation matters, we have found that hourly billing continues to be the most transparent approach for our clients, but many of our clients prefer project billing and/or contingency and we are happy to accommodate; the accommodation is based on a case-by-case scenario. 

In the end, we believe that what matters more than hourly rates or the billing approach taken for a given engagement is the final number presented to the client. We work hard to ensure that the final tally for our work is commensurate with the value delivered and measures up favorably to the fees charges by other firms.

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